Valley Mission Church of the Nazarene

Bedford, Indiana  47421

​​​Welcome to Valley Mission Church!

​Sunday, May 20, 2018


​​NEW - Online Giving is now available and located on our HOME PAGE.  


Ø CHURCH ELECTIONS TODAY between 9:30 AM and 12:30 PM. If you are a member of Valley Mission Church of the Nazarene and are at least 15 years old, please go to the voting table in the foyer and fill out your ballot. 

Ø KIDS CAMP - Registration are due in May 25 for Kids Camp.  Please see Renee Chambers TODAY to get your kids registered. 

Ø Worship 10:00 AM.
Children’s Church for children Pre-school (potty trained) through Kindergarten today.  Watch screen for dismissal.
Sunday School (age appropriate Bible Study for children, youth and adults) at 11:15 AM. Everyone will be dismissed to their Sunday School Class!

Ø 100th Anniversary Committee meeting today at 5:00 PM in the Conference Room.

ØGET INVOLVED at 6:00 PM Sundays Choir practice (choir loft), Youth Night (“The Basement”), Children’s Ministry (in room 110), Adult Ministries and outreach opportunities (room 106).  This is a great way to get more involved at Valley Mission.  Join the choir, bring your kids, participate in adult ministries and community outreach.
Ø Teens join Kip in the “Basement” at 6:00 PM.
Ø Kids age 4 through Grade 6 join us at 6:00 PM in room 110 for the “Treasure Seekers”.  Everyone Welcome!!!
Ø Adults needed for visitation and to send birthday & missing you post cards at 6:00 PM in room 104/106.  If you would be interested in leading a Bible Study or hosting a Small Group on Sunday night, please let Pastor Paul know. 

ØRECIPES - We are still in need of recipes for everything except desserts.  The deadline has been extended until May 27.  GET YOUR RECIPES IN TODAY!!! Or as soon as possible.  Please help us to make this a very special cookbook.  

Ø Board Meeting Monday at 6:30 PM in the Conference Room.

Ø GET INSPIRED!  Wednesday at 7:00 PM. Our midweek service is a time for all of us to join in a time of encouragement, prayer and worship.  It’s a long time between Sundays and by the middle of the week you need a boost!  Your kids need to hear how God is working in the lives of people in our church.  We all need to know how to better pray for each other and we learn that by sharing what goes on in this special prayer meeting!  It’s not just one more thing to do, it is an hour reprieve from the demands of life, a refueling for the remainder of the week and a time of blessing one another by entering into life together.  WE NEED THIS!  OUR CHILDREN NEED TO EXPERIENCE THIS PART OF DISCIPLESHIP TOO! Give them the opportunity to experience the full life of the Body of Christ while they are young and impressionable! This is a huge benefit in bonding them to church and the Lord for the rest of their lives.  Valley Mission will become stronger and more effective when we invest time in prayer and connecting with one another beyond Sundays.  Join us!  Try it for 8 weeks in a row and see if it doesn’t make a positive difference in your life.

Ø SWID YOUTH CAMP July 2-6, 2018 ​at Higher Ground Campground.  See bulletin board or Kip for more information.

Mission Books and CD’s 2017-2018 NMI Books/CD’s are now available!  See Gay Stultz to check one out!
Ø Bertha’s Mission-Valley Mission Church collects food items to support Bertha’s Mission.  Drop your items off at the table in the Foyer.

and check with the office if you would like to volunteer to help with any event.
Ø William "Will" Richardson is graduating! You are invited to his open house Saturday, June 2 from 2-5 PM at the Richardson's home, 835 Spyglass Dr., Bedford, IN.  RSVP to Michelle via txt at 812-276-8984.

Ø SWID KIDS CAMP June 25-29 at Camp Reveal.  See Renee Chambers TODAY or call the office for information and application or to volunteer as a counselor. Registrations are due in by May 25.

Ø SWID YOUTH CAMP July 2-6 at Higher Ground Campground.
Ø District Assembly July 8-10 at the Monroe County Convention Center (downtown Bloomington). 


  • ​WE ARE LOOKING FOR PICTURES OF AND FROM THE OLD CHURCH and of any special events at this building.  We will return them to you if you put your name on them.  Please see Janet Ritter if you have any pictures that we can use for our 100th Anniversary Celebration.

Ø We are currently working on plans for our church’s 100th Anniversary.  We are also compiling a 100th Anniversary Cookbook commemorating this milestone in our church history.  This will be a hard cover, 3-ring binder cookbook...our best one ever!!! 

We want everyone to be included in this cookbook and are asking each of you to submit at least 5 recipes BY MAY 27!  We will be collecting recipes, pictures, stories, etc. You can pick up recipe forms at the Welcome Center.  Make sure you include all the details about your recipe in the instructions (oven temp, pan size, what size cans, do you drain the juice from the can, cook the noodles before you mix them in, etc., it's the little details that count).  Also, please use the abbreviations supplied on the forms for less confusion and uniformity. 

You may want to submit a favorite recipe from Valley Missioners that has passed on in their memory.

Men, don’t be outdone by the ladies!!!  We know that some of you are great cooks!!!  Submit your recipes today!!!

Cookbooks will be available around September/October for between $13-$15.  They will make wonderful Christmas gifts, wedding gifts, etc.  To give us some idea of how many cookbooks to order, if you could let us know how many you may like to purchase, that would be great!  We would hate not to have enough!  There is a sign-up sheet at the Welcome Center for this information, or email us at  THANKS SO MUCH! (This will not obligate you to buy them, it will just help us 'guess-t-mate' how many to order.)  Proceeds from the sale of the cookbook will go towards our 100th Anniversary Celebrations. 

We are also looking for pictures and stories to include in our cookbook and for other activities we are planning for our anniversary.  We will return any pictures you submit, but you must make sure you have your name on them.  We would also like details of the pictures you submit; include who is in the picture, when it was taken, what was the occasion, etc.  Submit everything as soon as possible.  You can place it in the tray at the Welcome Center, or email it in to but get everything in by MAY 27!  That gives you 2 more weeks, so get with it! 

Ø We also need names, addresses, email addresses of anyone you know of that attended Valley Mission in the past or would be interested in knowing about our festivities.  You can submit this info to Renee in the office, or email it to

Ø You should all be marking your calendars to save October 14, October 20 & 21 and October 28 for special 100th Anniversary events here at the church.  More details will be coming out soon but, SAVE THOSE DATES NOW!!!


We are so glad you came to worship with us today.  If you are new, please let us get to know you personally by completing a guest form.  If you were not already given one, please stop at the Welcome Center in the foyer.  We want you to feel at home with us and have the opportunity to have a dynamic encounter with the LORD and to feel the love of His people.  God is doing great things at Valley Mission and we would be thrilled for you to become a part of it!

Our Nursery and Toddler rooms are available for New Born through 2 years (or until potty trained) during Worship and Sunday School, if you wish.  Check your child into room 128/130.  You will receive a pager in case you are needed.
Our Worship Service and Sunday School Classes are child friendly if you wish to keep your little ones with you.  Feel free to stop by our nursery to use the changing table or rocker for feeding if needed. See Jen Flynn if you would like to help with this ministry.

Children’s Church Schedule
The first Sunday of the month, Children’s Church will include all children pre-school (potty trained) through Grade 6 for Mission Lesson.

The second and third Sundays Children’s Church will be for children pre-school (potty trained) through Kindergarten

There will be NO Children’s Church on the fourth and fifth Sundays of the month.

Compassionate Ministries
Thanks to all who are helping with our Compassionate Ministries, providing meals for families in need.  Our church is blessed with generous, loving, compassionate people.  Jaime Gaines is working very hard to coordinate the schedule for meal preparation and delivery with the families in need and the providers on our list. We have several families that have received 2 and 3 meals on the same day which can be as overwhelming as not receiving any.  If you did not get signed up on the list and would like to be a provider, let Jaime know.  If you are not on the provider list but you occasionally provide a meal, PLEASE, let Jaime know. Just give her a call, text or email at 812-278-1520 or to let her know who and when you plan to provide a meal for.  Thank you all for your giving spirit!


Valley Mission Church of the Nazarene
110 Hillcrest Way, Bedford, IN  47421
Church Office Email:

Paul Whiteford, Pastor