Valley Mission Church of the Nazarene

110 Hillcrest Way, (in Judah) Bedford, Indiana  47421

Valley Mission Church of the Nazarene
110 Hillcrest Way
Bedford, IN 47421
United States

​   Phone number: (812) 275-7170


Welcome to Valley Mission Church of the Nazarene!  We are blessed to Co-Pastor some of the best
people in the Church of the Nazarene.  We came to Valley Mission as a Pastoral Team from our home
state of Michigan.  We have a healthy thriving church with unlimited potential to do great things for

We are a blended family.  If you are looking for pastors with a story book perfect life, well that’s not our
story.  We have seen life at its finest and have survived life at its very worst.  Through the broken and
painful times of our lives, God remained faithful and good.  We are real, we have faced all that life can
throw at us, and we will walk with you, pointing you to the peace and joy of a life lived for Christ. 

We could bore you with our educational history and talk about our favorite sports teams or places to
shop.  The truth is, we are more interested in you.  Where you have been, where you are right now, and
most importantly where a relationship and daily living in Jesus Christ can take you.

We hope to see you soon,

Grace and Peace

Rev. John and Rev. Melony Paulus