Valley Mission Church of the Nazarene

110 Hillcrest Way, (in Judah) Bedford, Indiana  47421

November 24, 2020

Good Afternoon Valley Mission!

It’s almost impossible to believe but in a few short days it will be Thanksgiving Day!  Like most things in 2020, it may look a little different than it has in the past.  Maybe you wont be traveling this year.  Perhaps the numbers you will gather with will be lower.  Some have even chosen to forgo the event all together.  Maybe you will go on like you always have.  In each and every case, it is important to remember who and what Thanksgiving is all about.  

2020 has certainly been a unique year.  We continue to live through a viral pandemic.  We have gone through a very stressful election.  There has been economic struggles.  We have had to do online worship services on two separate blocks of time.  When you add in your personal struggles and challenges, it can begin to feel as though nothing will ever be normalized again!

How do we give ‘thanks’ when it seems like everything in life is an uphill climb?  The Apostle Paul gave us many examples of being thankful in difficult times.  Difficult times for Paul looked vastly different than they do for us.  Beaten, in prison, hungry, rejected, beaten some more, ship wrecked, left for dead after a stoning are just a few of the difficult times Paul went through.  Yet Paul had a constant attitude of gratitude.

  • People!  Ever notice how many of Paul’s letter opened with how grateful he was for the people he was ministering too?  He had a habit of thanking God for the people in his life
  • Perspective!  Paul understood that this life was temporary and in Christ our destination is ultimately with HIM in Heaven.  
  • Praise!  Paul consistently praised God even when life was terrible
  • Purpose!  Paul knew his calling in life and it was to live for and lead others to Christ
  • Provision!  In every instance God provide Paul with all that he needed

What difficulties and disappointments has 2020 brought you?  Have you taken a moment to give thanks for all the things God has given you in spite of the tough times that surround you?  God is good....ALL THE TIME!  Give Him thanks today!

We want to remind you that this Sunday begins the first Sunday of Advent.  The message of ‘Hope’ will be a refreshing reminder that in Christ there is always HOPE.   We will have a family read the first advent reading and light the first candle as well as live worship.   We hope you will join us one of the following ways:

  • Facebook Live at 10am.  It’s an easy way to invite friends and also remember to share with a ‘watch party’
  • Drive In 10am.  We are so encouraged by those who come out in the drive in worship.  Getting to see you and say hello has been a blessing to us all.
  • Valley Mission Youtube channel.  Messages uploaded usually by noon on Sunday
  • click on the sermon page


  •  Mail To:  110 Hillcrest Way Bedford, IN 47421
  •    click on the online giving tab and follow instructions
  • Drive In:  White mobile giving mailbox

Communion:  Served on Sunday December 6th.  Drive In will be served by a mask wearing, glove wearing server.  If you are live at home be ready by having bread and juice available.  The message on this second Sunday of Advent will be Preparation...very fitting!

Prayer:  Continue to remember each day to lift up our Valley Mission family for continued and complete healing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pastor John and Pastor Melony