Valley Mission Church of the Nazarene

110 Hillcrest Way, (in Judah) Bedford, Indiana  47421

November 17, 2020

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

As they say, here we go again!  Unless you’ve been living in a bunker removed from all contact with the outside world, you know the virus issue continues to be a major problem.  There is a certain phrase that was used in the early months that is now starting to make its rounds again:  “Essential Workers”.

I’m almost 50 years old and it occurs to me that every single worker is essential in my life.  I value and appreciate every hard - working person who not only makes life enjoyable, but also provides a living for their family.  In just a few hours of observation today I realized how essential people are.  I saw the tree trimmers clearing power lines.   I saw a big yellow septic truck drive by.  I noticed the finishing touches being done on a new family home.  I noticed the neighbor lady leaving in her nursing work clothes.  In a few moments I need to go to Lowe’s to buy a toilet and later I will pick up the kids from school and see all the staff.  

I don’t like when people try to separate and bring division and form some sort of hierarchy to determine who is “essential”.  As a matter of fact I believe every person, all of their effort, and all the daily tasks that are performed by millions of people are essential to our way of life and I make a habit of thanking every person from the McDonalds drive through to my primary care doctor for the work they do.

It occurs to me that I’m not alone in thinking people are essential…..that each of you at Valley Mission is ESSENTIAL!   It’s not my opinion, good vibes, or even a nice thing to say.  It’s because God believes you are essential.

  • He formed you in your mother’s womb.            Psalm 139:13
  • He has a plan and purpose for your life            Jeremiah 29:11
  • He died on a cross we deserved                       John 3:16
  • He gave without a promise in return                  Romans 5:8
  • He didn’t leave us alone but lives inside.           John 15:26-27
  • He is our ever present help                                Psalm 46:1
  • He is coming again                                            John 14:3

So yes!  You are essential!  God says so and more than that has proven His love for us time and again.  His boundless love and mercy reminds us that even in our most trying times and difficult days, it is God who reminds us we are essential to Him!

This week give Him thanks for loving us the way He does.  We don’t deserve it, we couldn’t earn it, yet He chose to call us essential and provided The Way to be together forever!

We want to remind of some information that we hope says to you….you are ESSENTIAL!

  1.  Sunday Facebook Live as well as Drive In is at 10am.  Later in the day you can view the service on the valley mission youtube channel or by going to and clicking on the sermons tab.  WE APPRECIATE ALL THOSE WHO TOOK THE TIME TO DRIVE IN ON SUNDAY….IT WAS A GIFT TO SEE YOU!
  2. If you would like a DVD of the service you may contact us and we would be happy to send it out.
  3. Your Pastor’s are available to do porch visits.  With Covid 19 it is very difficult to know who would like a visit and those who prefer not.  Its simple if you would like us to visit.  Text or Call and we will be happy to come see you.
  4. If you are sick or cant get out and need a meal or grocery run or pharmacy visit let us know….there are many who would help!
  5. Giving can be done several ways:

           Mail To:  110 Hillcrest Way Bedford Indiana 47421

           Online:  visit

           Click on giving tab and follow cues

       6. Drive In:  Giving Box located at entry

Pray and Encourage each other.  We are in a tough spot.  People are sick inside and outside of our church.  We will never please everyone and recognize everyone has an opinion on in person or online…..masks or not….vaccine or no vaccine….were not even attempting to please everyone…we are simply and patiently weathering a storm and trying to keep as many as we can healthy while slowing working towards gathering together again.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor John and Pastor Melony