Valley Mission Church of the Nazarene

110 Hillcrest Way, (in Judah) Bedford, Indiana  47421

November 10, 2020

Hello Valley Mission,

You are loved, prayed for, and terribly missed!  We want to bring you up to speed on a few very important pieces of information as we move forward through this recent Covid 19 spike in cases.

  1. Pray for several who still have more serious symptoms.  While many of us, including your Pastors have come through Covid 19 with mild symptoms, there are others who remain stable but hospitalized.  Pray for God to restore them to full health. We also are aware of many that have other illnesses or continue to recover from surgery; please continue to pray for these individuals as well.
  2. Consider giving!  The prolonged online worship will not be favorable in terms of giving.  We remind you that online giving can be done through or your gift can be sent snail mail to 100 Hillcrest Way Bedford, IN 47421.  We encourage you to support our church as God is certain to bless our faithfulness.
  3. Worship Nov. 15, 2020.  We will again offer Facebook Live at 10am but we are adding the drive-in option as well.  If you can drive out, we would love to at least see you and wave hello.  It may not be your favorite option, but we all have needed to adapt and we could really use a boost of seeing so of our folks even if it’s from a safe distance.  So bring a blanket, tune into 88.3FM, and at least worship from our church parking lot so we know were not alone!
  4. Be patient and supportive.  This is a tough season and we are simply trying to get Valley Mission into position that eventually in-person worship can restart.  For that to happen we need our people healthy and our county to get better control on the high positivity rate.  Little by little we will get there.
  5. We are once again sending DVDs out to those without internet.  They should have arrived prior to this letter.  If you are in need of sermon DVDs and don’t get them please contact us immediately and we will get them produced and in your hands!

Now for some encouragement during really stressful times.  Last week, one of my sermon points in regards to ‘A Faith That Leaves Me Hopeful’, was the fact that JESUS IS COMING BACK!  The prophets said He would.  Jesus said He would.  God told us He knows when it will happen.  There is hope in the fact that Jesus is coming back for us! 

I came across a Mercy Me song that just blessed my heart.  I encourage you to do two things this week.  

1.  Listen to Mercy Me: Almost Home. 
2.  Read 2nd Peter chapter 

Were almost home, brother it won’t be long, soon all our burdens will be gone!

Grace and Peace,
Pastor John and Pastor Melony