Valley Mission Church of the Nazarene

110 Hillcrest Way, (in Judah) Bedford, Indiana  47421

January 5, 2021

Happy New Year Valley Mission!

We certainly wish the new year has started off with the joy and hope that Jesus gives.  Yes, of course there are some residuals from the current events we live in, but for children of God it is different….we are different.  We hope you are taking time to start the new year right by seeking first the Kingdom of God.  Either He will have first place, or no place in our lives.  Live fully for Him and watch how our perspective on the circumstances of life change for the better.

Just as the new year has changed, there are some things changing at Valley Mission as well.  We want to remind you of the options to join us in worship, especially the return of in-person!

Worship Options As Of January 10, 2021

1. In-Person:  Sunday 10 a.m.  (communion served this Sunday)

                We do support the Lawrence County Health Dept. recommendations which include:

                     * maintaining a 6’ foot distance from those not in your household unit

                     * wearing a mask

                    * using sanitizer upon entry and exit of the building. 
                That being said, please remember we are a church, we love people where they are at.  We are your pastors and not authorities or health officials, but we are also asking:
                     * To help reduce traffic in the front lobby we are asking that those that are 65 and older or have health concerns to enter/exit North (side) or East (rear) of building.
                     * Wave, say hello, but don’t linger in common areas following worship
                     * No Sunday School at this time
                     * Children will be dismissed for children’s church during worship every Sunday with the exception of the first Sunday of the month which is reserved for family worship.

2. Drive-In:  Sunday 10 a.m. (we will bring communion out to you when it is served)

               * 88.3FM is the channel you tune to
               * A portable giving station is located outside
               * If you’re patient we would love to get outside and say hello

3. Facebook Live:  Sunday 10 a.m. (be prepared with bread and juice)

               * View live and comment….we LOVE to hear from YOU!

               * Host a ‘watch party’ which invites all of your FB friends to watch as well

4. Valley Mission YOUTUBE channel:  Sunday by 3p.m.

5.  Monday

6. DVDs:  If you do not have any of the above options but own a DVD player, we are happy to burn a weekly DVD and send it to your home!  Contact Pastor John or Pastor Melony and we will start to send them your way!

On a personal note, we have some news to share on Pastor John’s Birthday celebration.  Due to the number of people who sent us their RSVP, we contacted the Lawrence County Health Department, regarding the gathering.  Unfortunately, given the current restrictions, we are not able to host this event.  In lieu of this gathering, we have decided to hold a Drive-Through Happy Birthday on Saturday January 9th from 6 pm to 7 pm.  Simply drive through the church main entry overhang and wish Pastor John a very happy 50th birthday!

A quick reminder to our church board that we will meet Tuesday January 12th at 6:30 pm and will send out the ‘ZOOM’ information for those wanting to use this option.  Part of our discussion will be discussing details of a capital fund campaign to further reduce our debt as well as replace our church roofing.  God has blessed us, and is giving us a great opportunity in both our mortgage as well as physical structure.  We look forward to seeking God in His details for our future.

Grace and Peace Friends,

Pastor John and Pastor Melony