Valley Mission Church of the Nazarene

110 Hillcrest Way, (in Judah) Bedford, Indiana  47421

January 11, 2021

Hello Valley Mission!

We hope the week is off to a good start.  We want to remind you to please make the prayer chain emails a priority.  There are also several requests that are unspoken at this time.  Lift up your church in prayer each and every day.  Part of being Valley Mission Strong is the connection and strength we find in each other.  Together we are stronger and able to face so much more!

We want to say a few words to those of you who helped us celebrate Pastor John’s 50th birthday.  While we were not able to have the in-person celebration we had planned, many of you found a way to make it special.  The cards, well wishes, and those who could make the drive thru really meant a lot.  How about those decorations?  Debbie and Bill Arthur, you really did a fantastic job capturing Pastor John’s personality and adding timely humor.  Yes ‘old lives matter’ and even though they say I’m 50, ‘I demand a recount’!!!

By now most of you are aware we are back to offering in-person worship.  We are more convinced than ever that we must pursue gathering together when it is possible.  Technology is nice and has been a blessing as we continue to go through this pandemic; however, this past Sunday we experienced the difficulties and limitations it presents when equipment does not cooperate.  We also want to always secure our ability to worship together and never fully rely on any outside entity to allow that to happen.  For now, we will continue to offer six worship opportunities and ask that you are seriously taking advantage of at least one of them.  In Person, Drive Thru, Facebook Live, YouTube Channel (Sunday 3 pm), (Monday), or request a DVD to be sent to your home for use in your DVD player.

We also want to say thank you for those who continue to trust the Lord in the giving of tithes and offerings.  Valley Mission has been blessed this past year and it has allowed us to refinance our mortgage and begin discussions of additional debt reduction and roof replacement costs. These gifts and sacrifices are keeping Valley Mission Strong!  This coming Sunday Pastor John will continue his ‘Valley Mission Strong’ series with “Building A Strong Financial Foundation”. Listen to what God has to say about our finances and the promises He makes when we trust Him with it all!  Remember you can give in person at the giving plates in the rear of the church.  You can give from drive thru using the portable giving box.  You can also give online at our website and follow the instructions on the giving tab.

Finally, how about we make Valley Mission Strong by thinking about others this year?  How long has it been since you invited a friend, family member, co-worker, or neighbor?  I know it’s a pandemic but come on….with everything going on….Jesus should sound really good to many hurting and concerned people.  Pray, ask God for His leading and words to say.  If we want to see revival then we need to see the heart of God….ITS PEOPLE!  Make it a priority to witness to and invite one person each month this year.  There’s 6 options folks…it could make an eternal difference!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor John and Pastor Melony