Valley Mission Church of the Nazarene

110 Hillcrest Way, (in Judah) Bedford, Indiana  47421

February 2, 2021

Hello Valley Mission:

We want to share a great opportunity for you to express appreciation and a very happy 100th birthday!  Jean Rumbly will be celebrating her 100th birthday on February 22nd.  The Rumbley’s pastored at VM several years ago.  She continues to pray for VM each morning!  

Let’s continue on the theme of ‘opportunity’.  In the culture we live in we have certainly found out we simply can’t take things for granted.  Gathering, giving, serving, witnessing, and making worship a priority is of vital importance in our spiritual walk.  Things we have thought would always be, have vanished right before our eyes.  We encourage you to take advantage of the ministry opportunities that we are currently offering.  Run this race in such a way that you might win it!

Sunday Worship:  10a.m.  In person, Drive In, FB Live, Youtube, Valley Mission Website, or DVD.  For various reasons we have not heard or seen some of you for a long while.  Remember, worship isn’t just about us.  Try something different….if you are not ready to come inside then mix things up…Drive In…I’ll give you gas money so you can leave the car running if it meant seeing your face.  Get on Facebook Live at 10a.m.  Try hosting a watch party….actually encourage each other with some comments and participation.  There is a shaking that is happening in our world and I just got to be honest….the church needs to wake up and reengage.

  • Sunday Night Life Group:  6 p.m at the church.  We are using a study called ‘Follow’.  What does it look like and what do we live like if we are truly answering the call of Jesus to…FOLLOW.
  • Tuesday Morning:  Breakfast fellowship at 9 am at the church.  Come have a coffee and light breakfast and a little fellowship
  • Wednesday Night:  6:30 p.m. men’s group ‘Clash of Kingdoms’ and women’s group ‘The Armor of God’….children’s activities as well.

We sincerely hope you are well and consider one of the gathering options available to you.

Grace and Peace, 

Pastor John and Pastor Melony